4'x12"x26' EB Crane Mats

We have (2) 4'x12"x26' EB crane mats that we can sell at a discounted price of $1,195 per mat or we can build up another (5) mats at that same price for a full truck load of (7) mats. You just let us know what you need and we will get it done for you!


4'x12"x16' EB Crane Mats

We have (1) full truck load of (12) 4'x12"x16' EB crane mats that we are discounting at a price of $685 per mat. These will go fast so if you have a need that these mats will solve, call us today and we will get them on a truck headed to you ASAP!


Pipeline Skid Special

Two Truck Loads Available!
Get them before they are gone!
36 bundles – 58 skids per bundle!
$6.75 per skid - $391.50 per bundle!

8'x16' 3 Ply Laminated Mats for RENT

We have 526 USED 3 Ply laminated mats for RENT!
These mats are in good shape and ready to be put back to work ASAP!
There is a one month minimum on these rentals!