USED 4'x12"x20' EB Crane Mats for SALE

We have 50 of these USED crane mats for sale that are in decent
shape and at a HUGE savings to you. A new mat this size goes for
$890! You can get these for only $275! Now that's a deal for sure!
Call TODAY as these won't last long on our yard!

NEW 8"x8"x16' Timbers for SALE

We have several of these timbers for sale TODAY at a good price.
Call today for pricing and to get them delivered before we run out of them!

Pipeline Skid Special

Two Truck Loads Available!
Get them before they are gone!
36 bundles – 58 skids per bundle!
$6.75 per skid - $391.50 per bundle!

8'x16' Laminated Mats for RENT

We have 526 USED 3 Ply laminated mats for RENT!
These mats are in good shape and ready to be put back to work ASAP!
There is a one month minimum on these rentals!

USED 8’x16’ 3 Ply Laminated Mats for SALE

155 USED 8’x16’ 3-Ply Laminated mats for sale!
A greatly reduced price of $275 apiece!
Get these while they last!