Used Mat Grading Specifications

Timber mats
8” Timber mats
12” Crane mats

    A Grade:
  • Mats have very minimal wear
  • All timbers are intact
  • No missing or broking bolts
  • Mats are slightly discolored
  • Rule of thumb: They are less than 6 Months old
    B Grade:
  • Mats have more wear and tear than A Grades
  • Mats are more discolored
  • Mats are still intact and usable
  • End of mats may be worn
  • Rods may be bent but still have integrity
  • Mats have one more use, if not two
    C Grade:
  • Mats have significant wear and tear
  • Mats are discolored
  • Mats may have broken/missing timber
  • Rods may be bent or missing
  • Mats can be used as fillers or as foundation for
    better mats to go on top

Laminated Mats
3 Ply – 11 board and 10 board (2 Chains)

    A Grade:
  • Mats have very minimal wear
  • Mats are slightly discolored
  • No missing boards or bolts
  • Both Chains intact
    B Grade:
  • Mats have wear and tear
  • Mats are more discolored than A grade Mats
  • Mats may have dirt/debris between joints
  • No more than two 16’ boards missing on one side
  • No more than two inner boards missing.
  • Chains are intact.
    C Grade:
  • More than two boards missing on one side.
  • Mat may have two boards missing on each side.
  • Mats are discolored
  • Mats will have dirt/debris between joints
  • Bolts are missing or broken.
  • Multiple boards are broken
  • Chains could be missing