Don’t want to deal with the hassle of purchasing mats?

Call us about our mat rental programs and rates. We offer a selection of hardwood timber, crane and laminated mats. We can provide trucking service to and from your job site.

Image Name Description
Laminated Mats 8’ x 16’ 3 ply laminated mat, 16 per load. Mats come bolted together, and are comprised of all-oak lumber
Timber Mats 4’ x 8” x 16’ exposed bolt crane mat, 19 per load.

4’ x 12” x 20’ exposed bolt crane mat, 10 per load

**Subject to change without notice; call 1-800-426-3319 for availability

Used Mat Grading Specifications



Timber mats – 8” Timber mats, 12” Timber mats
A Grade: Mats have very minimal wear
All timbers are intact
No missing or broking bolts
Mats are slightly discolored
Rule of thumb: They are less than 6 Months old
B Grade: Mats have more wear and tear than A Grades
Mats are more discolored
Mats are still intact and usable
End of mats may be worn
Rods may be bent but still have integrity
Mats have one more use, if not two
C Grade: Mats have significant wear and tear
Mats are discolored
Mats may have broken/missing timber
Rods may be bent or missing
Mats can be used as fillers or as foundation for
better mats to go on top
Laminated Mats – 3 Ply – 11 board and 10 board (2 chains)
A Grade: Mats have very minimal wear
Mats are slightly discolored
No missing boards or bolts
Both Chains intact
B Grade: Mats have wear and tear
Mats are more discolored than A grade Mats
Mats may have dirt/debris between joints
No more than two 16’ boards missing on one side
No more than two inner boards missing.
Chains are intact.
C Grade: More than two boards missing on one side.
Mat may have two boards missing on each side.
Mats are discolored
Mats will have dirt/debris between joints
Bolts are missing or broken.
Multiple boards are broken
Chains could be missing

**Subject to change without notice; call 1-800-426-3319 for availability